Palm Springs Apartment Complex Forces Higher Rent on Residents

Palm Springs Apartment Complex Forces Higher Rent on Residents

Daytona Everett

PALM SPRINGS – It’s a renter’s worst nightmare to walk in on a notice saying you need to pack your things up and move out.

Greg Varra has lived in Palm Springs for twenty years and never thought that situation would happen to him.

Before the end of his lease, Varra found a notice. It said he needed to move out or pay a higher rent at an upgraded unit which still is not finished to his knowledge.

“It’s really been hell to be honest with you,” Varra said.

Varra said a few other apartment complexes in Palm Springs have the same owner and they’re doing the same thing to their residents. 

“It’s kind of turned our world upside down because many of us are retired,” Varra said. “There’s a lot of elderly seniors that are on fixed incomes.”

Cielo apartments said the debacle is all a misunderstanding.

Management said the following statement in response:

“It is an unfortunate event for all involved that mud came down the hill and flooded five apartments in last September 9ths monsoon cell burst in Palm Springs.  Management has no choice but to repair all damaged buildings and areas affected need to be closed for the restoration project and for the health and safety of our residents.  We have offered every affected resident the opportunity to relocate within our community.”

Varra is still convinced it’s all a process to revitalize and make more money.

“We’re being out priced, we’re being disregarded, we’re not being represented,” he said.

Varra and other angry residents are knocking on the city’s door for help.

“Because of our inquiry, they started up the subcommittee meeting for affordable housing,” he said.

Varra said he hopes the committee will give renters more rights and educate them on what’s legal and illegal.

In the meantime, the residents who live at the 14 units that need to be evacuated have to make a decision on when they’ll live next.

“It certainly has not been an expense that I was planning on putting out and yet somehow I’m going to have to find the resources,” Varra said.

The apartment complex will continue its renovations.