Local Baseball Standout Preparing For College Ball In Palm Springs Collegiate League

Local Baseball Standout Preparing For College Ball In Palm Springs Collegiate League

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2018 Shadow Hills High School graduate Harrison Nation is using a competitive baseball league in his own backyard to prepare him for college ball.

Collegiate baseball players typically travel across the country to play summer ball which can become extremely costly. As for Nation, he’s taking advantage of his hometown playing for the Cathedral City A’s in the Palm Springs Collegiate League.

Nation is 1 of 3 players out of high school in the league made up of 150 players from 83 colleges and 5 different countries.

“The good part about playing in my backyard, these guys aren’t used to this heat,” Nation explained. “I am so I get to take advantage of that. These guys are in college baseball for a reason and a lot of those guys are pretty good. I think it’s great we’re dealing with fast runners that I have to try and throw out, good hitters I have to try and strike out, and good pitchers I have to read against.”

“He went from a backup catcher at Palm Desert High School to be an all-conference catcher for Shadow Hills High School,” Palm Springs Collegiate League Vice President and Director of Baseball Operations Casey Dill said. “It’s been great seeing him go from where he was to where he is now. He’s playing in a collegiate league before he even goes to college. I’m very proud he’s going to be going to be playing college baseball at Hannibal Lagrange University as well.”

All-DVL and DVL MVP were just a few of the titles Nation earned in his high school career.

For more information on Palm Springs Collegiate League: http://palmspringscollegiateleague.com/teams/default.asp?u=PALMSPRINGSCOLLEGIAT&s=baseball&p=teams