George HW Bush Gets a Service Dog Named Sully

George HW Bush Gets a Service Dog Named Sully

News Staff

Former President George H.W. Bush is welcoming a new member of the family: a yellow Labrador retriever named “Sully.”

The 94-year-old and his service dog got acquainted Monday at the Bush compound on the coast in Maine. Bush aide Evan Sisley says the two hit it off. Sully had been trained by America’s VetDogs, a nonprofit that provides service dogs.

Sisley says the dog can open doors, pick up items and summon help, but that “more than anything else the dog will be a wonderful companion.”

A photo sent via Twitter shows Sully lounging at the feet of Bush and former President Bill Clinton, who had been visiting on Monday.

Sully even has his own Instagram page.

Bush is a dog lover. Two of his kids, Neil Bush and Dorothy Bush Koch, together have five dogs there.