Desert Community Joins National ‘Families Belong Together’ Protest

Desert Community Joins National ‘Families Belong Together’ Protest

Max Rodriguez

Demonstrators took the streets in full force in cities across the nation to protest the separation of families in the southern border, and the Coachella Valley was no exception, hundreds demonstrated in Palm Springs.

The national demonstration was in opposition to the enforcement of President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance policy,” which seperates immigrants from their children if they cross the border illegally.  

Letty Herrera said she is an immigration activist and she opposes the policy, she said, “This is shameful first of all and we cannot let children be separated from their family.”

The president signed an executive order that put an end to family seperation, but some question the task ahead of reuniting families.

Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz spoke to the crowd at Frances Stevens Park he said he signed a resolution condemming Trump’s policy. He also said he is calling on an investigation of the Office of Refugee Resettlement on their record keeping and the treated of the immigrant children under their care.

“Thank goodness that the court decided that the administration needs to reunite the families,” Ruiz said. “But because of faulty record-keeping some of these families are in jeopardy of never being reunited ever.”

A federal judge in San Diego ruled to unite seperated children with their families within 30 days.

However, the zero tolerance immigration policy still stands and part of the demonstration is also in oppostion to family detention centers.

Hannah Wright is home from college and she said she felt compelled to speak out against seperating children from their families.

“Republican or Democrat these are children and children are defenseless,” Wright said. “There have been so many marches in history, marches for women’s rights, marches for gay rights and they do have an outcome and they do make a difference.”

There is still no clear solution from congress, the Repubicans have their own immigration bill, while the Democrats have an immigration act, neither parties have agreed on a compromise.