Veterans Weigh in on Independence Day

Veterans Weigh in on Independence Day

Daytona Everett

On the Fourth of July, people across America celebrate the men and women who fought for the nation’s independence. Some of those heroes volunteer at the Palm Springs Air Museum and have their own perspective on independence.

The air museum is filled with historic planes, models, pictures, and several other eye-catching items that attract people from all over.

John Winter, a museum volunteer who served in the marine reserve, said, “It would probably take you about two weeks of activity everyday to go through here and see everything there is to see.”

Volunteers at the museum are almost all veterans that have a passion for history. Some said they work there to meet people and share their personal stories.

Bob McKenna, another war veteran and volunteer, said, “I’ve been very patriotic my whole life, I just love this country.”

The conversation at the air museum Wednesday was about independence and what it means to the veterans.

“There are only two things worth fighting for,” Winter said. “To protect your home and family and the Bill of Rights. Everything else is bologna.”

Winter spent 15 years of his life protecting the rights of Americans. He highly values the Constitution in today’s world and thinks it should be a priority.

“The principles that are in the declaration are far more important than just the Preamble,” he said. “For most people, the first sentence is as far as they go.”

The more knowledge you have about history, the better, Winter said.

That’s why him and the rest of the volunteers suggest stopping by the air museum to take a step into the history of America and the sacrifice that went into making the U.S.A. a free country.