2018 MLB All-Star Game Rosters Unveiled

2018 MLB All-Star Game Rosters Unveiled

Amy Zimmer

The Nationals will play host to the 2018 MLB All-Star Game Tuesday, July 17 at 7:30 p.m. on FOX.

After weeks of voting, the fans have selected the majority of the 32-man rosters for the American and National Leagues.

The 12 pitchers on each roster will be selected by the players’ ballots and the Commissioner’s Office.

The final roster spot for each team will be determined via fan vote through Wednesday, July 11 at 4:00 p.m. ET.

Here are the full rosters for each league:

2018 National League All-Star Game Roster

Pos.: Player, Team. Total Votes (# of ASG app.)
C: Wilson Contreras, Cubs. 2,172,682 (1st)
1B: Freddie Freeman, Braves. 4,039,219 (3rd)
2B: Javier Baez, Cubs. 2,757,401 (1st)
3B: Nolan Arenado, Rockies. 3,261,425 (4th)
SS: Brandon Crawford, Giants. 3,212,103 (2nd)
OF: Nick Markakis, Braves. 3,556,469 (1st)
OF: Matt Kemp, Dodgers, 2,930,353 (3rd)
OF: Bryce Harper, Nationals. 2,335,733 (6th)

C: Buster Posey, Giants (6th)
C: J.T. Realmuto, Marlins (1st)
1B: Paul Goldschmidt, Diamondbacks (6th)
1B: Joey Votto, Reds (6th)
2B: Ozzie Albies, Braves (1st)
2B: Scooter Gennett, Reds (1st)
3B: Eugenio Suarez, Reds (1st)
SS: Trevor Story, Rockies (1st)
OF: Charlie Blackmon, Rockies (3rd)
OF: Lorenzo Cain, Brewers (2nd)
OF: Christian Yelich, Brewers (1st)

LHP: Patrick Corbin, Diamondbacks (2nd)
RHP: Jacob deGrom, Mets (2nd)
LHP: Sean Doolittle, Nationals (2nd)
RHP: Mike Foltynewicz, Braves (1st)
LHP: Josh Hader, Brewers (1st)
LHP: Brad Hand, Padres (2nd)
RHP: Kenley Jansen, Dodgers (3rd)
LHP: Jon Lester, Cubs (5th)
RHP: Mike Mikolas, Cardinals (1st)
RHP: Aaron Nola, Phillies (1st)
RHP: Max Scherzer, Nationals (6th)
LHP: Felipe Vazquez, Pirates (1st)

Jesus Aguilar: 1B, Brewers
Brandon Belt: 1B, Giants
Matt Carpenter: 3B, Cardinals
Max Muncy: 1B, Dodgers
Trea Turner: SS, Nationals

2018 American League All-Star Roster

C: Wilson Ramos, Rays. 2,359,726 (2nd)
1B: Jose Abreu, White Sox. 1,829,598 (2nd)
2B: Jose Altuve, Astros. 4,849,630 (6th)
3B: Jose Ramirez, Indians. 2,521,120 (2nd)
SS: Manny Machado, Orioles. 1,740,645 (4th)
OF: Mookie Betts, Red Sox. 4,286,994 (3rd)
OF: Mike Trout, Angels. 3,682,164 (7th)
OF: Aaron Judge, Yankees. 2,766,661 (2nd)
DH: J.D. Martinez, Red Sox. 3,035,619 (2nd)

C: Salvador Perez, Royals (6th)
1B: Mitch Moreland, Red Sox (1st)
2B: Gleyber Torres, Yankees (1st)
3B: Alex Bregman, Astros (1st)
SS: Francisco Lindor, Indians (3rd)
OF: Michael Brantley, Indians (3rd)
OF: Shin-Soo Choo, Rangers (1st)
OF: Mitch Haniger, Mariners (1st)
OF: George Springer, Astros (2nd)
OF: Nelson Cruz, Mariners (6th)

RHP: Trevor Baurer, Indians (1st)
RHP: Jose Berrios, Twins (1st)
LHP: Aroldis Chapman, Yankees (5th)
RHP: Gerrit Cole, Astros (2nd)
RHP: Edwin Diaz, Mariners (1st)
LHP: J.A. Happ, Blue Jays (1st)
RHP: Joe Jimenz, Tigers (1st)
RHP: Craig Kimbrel, Red Sox (7th)
RHP: Corey Kluber, Indians (3rd)
LHP: Chris Sale, Red Sox (7th)
RHP: Luis Severino, Yankees (2nd)
RHP: Blake Treinen, Athletics (1st)
RHP: Justin Verlander, Astros (7th)

Andrew Benintendi: LF, Red Sox
Eddie Rosario: LF, Twins
Jean Segura: SS, Mariners
Andrelton Simmons: SS, Angels
Giancarlo Stanton: DH, Yankees