Free Slurpee Day Is Nearly Here, Repeat, Nearly Here

You know how you’ll sometimes rename a special occasion or once-a-year happening, just because you feel like it?

Like how you might call your birthday “Me Day”? Or Halloween “Get Candy Day”?

You get us.

And you get that 7-Eleven Day, which always happens on the 11th day of July — that’s 7/11, of course — is sometimes referred to as “Free Slurpee Day,” because, follow us now… there are free Slurpees.

Which there shall be, again, on Wednesday, July 11.

But, and this is a major but, note the window in which a free Slurpee may be procured at participating 7-Eleven stores: 11 a.m. to 7 in the evening, so just think “7/11” or “7-Eleven” only, er, backwards.

It should be a snap to remember that.

Remember this, too: The Slurpee you receive without monetary exchange will be a small. Cool? As cold as that first Slurpee sip? A sip that should never be taken too quickly, as all Slurpee pros well know, in avoidance of brain freeze?

Well, even brain freeze is part of summertime, and to say it isn’t is to never eagerly gulp a frosty beverage. Which, please, we all do, from time to time.

And if you’ve never had a Slurpee, it is a flavored, Arctic-cold drink that can be both smooth and crunchy, depending on your last slurp.

Anything else to know? Check it out: The featured Slurpee flavor is Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries, which adds another tempting layer of intrigue to an already tempt-tastic kind of day.

7-Eleven expects to give 9,000,000 small Slurpees away on July 11, which is probably more Slurpee than even the largest pool in the world could handle.

Could 9,000,000 small Slurpees fill all the swimming pools in LA, though? Discuss.

The day is also in honor of the convenience chain’s 91st birthday, so look for other specials, like Big Bite hot dogs for a buck on July 11 and again on July 18, National Hot Dog Day.

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