Jurors Find Man Charged With Girlfriend Killing Guilty

Jurors Find Man Charged With Girlfriend Killing Guilty

Kitty Alvarado

Jaylynn Amanda Keith’s loved ones could not contain their emotion outside the courtroom. 

“It’s over, I can go on with my life, justice!” said Lynn Hemphill as she hugged a friend. Hemphill says she raised Jaylynn from the time she was a baby.

Moments earlier, inside the courtroom 35-year-old James Beushausen, Jaylynn’s boyfriend, the man who was supposed to love her was found guilty of taking her life.

“Today felt like justice had finally been served for my sister Jaylynn,” says Alexandria Soderlind. 

The verdict means he will probably spend the rest of his life in prison.

“I feel sorry for his family but I feel even more sorry for ours because guess what we’re never going to have another Christmas with Jaylynn we’re never going to have anything with Jaylynn, ” says Hemphill.

The body of the 27-year-old was found in a bathtub in their apartment with a gunshot wound to her forehead. Beushausen claimed she was depressed and it drove her to suicide. But jurors did not buy his story. 

“She was just uplifting, she was bright, she knew to get through tough times, I mean she was never suicidal, if anything she was tough as nails as my dad would say she was an amazing girl,” says Soderlind.

They believed the prosecution, that showed through texts Jaylynn had a lot to live for but was done living with an alcoholic and an ultimatum led to her murder.

Michelle Paradise, Riverside County Assistant District Attorney, who presented the evidence to jurors says she worked hard for Jaylynn, “Jaylynn drove me I felt she was with us and I kept repeating that she is talking to us, she is speaking with us through her text messages … I’m happy I feel justice was served they did the right thing and now Jaylynn is smiling.”

Her loved ones say this verdict gives Jaylynn more than justice.

“I feel that Jaylynn can finally rest in peace,” says Soderlind.