Local Las Vegas Shooting Survivors React to MGM Lawsuit

Local Las Vegas Shooting Survivors React to MGM Lawsuit

Kitty Alvarado Connect

As much as Jodie Caster Osisanya and her family try to forget the shooting of the Route 91 concert in Las Vegas, there’s always a reminder. 

“Just running for your life, and just running and running and no matter how far you go you can’t get away,” says Jodie who was at the concert with her husband, mother, brother and future sister in law to celebrate her birthday.

That October night in 2017 their lives changed forever.

“My son was shot, in the back a bullet went through his left lung and it left shrapnel in his spinal cord and now he’s paralyzed from his belly button down,” says her mom Patricia Caster.

While his wounds are visible the rest of them are coping the best they can with wounds that don’t seem to heal.

“An event that we’re never going to be able to get rid of, unfortunately will stay with us for the rest of our lives,” says her husband James.

Even celebrations like Fourth of July can send them over the edge.

“When the bullets first came it sounded like fireworks, everyone thought, ‘Ooh fireworks,’ so we were at the fireworks … and it sounded like shooting, … Jodi had to bring me home.”

So when they heard MGM, the owner of Mandalay Bay, is suing the victims in federal court who have pending lawsuits they were left reeling.

“Those who were affected don’t have that luxury … what does MGM have to say to them, they didn’t have any, no loopholes for them, so why is MGM trying to get off on a loophole,” says James.

“A corporation doesn’t feel that way they have no soul,” says her father Ronald Caster adding his family has been through the unimaginable. 

MGM has said in a statement they’re not asking for money or attorney’s fees, they’re merely trying to change the venue from state to federal court in order to get justice in a timely manner.

Still this doesn’t feel like justice to those who are suffering.

“It makes me so angry, I mean everybody just wants to go on with their life, their new normal ends for them to try to take it away from them …  it’s just crazy,” says Jodie.