Cranston Fire: Local Reporter Checks on Viewers Homes During Facebook Live

Cranston Fire: Local Reporter Checks on Viewers Homes During Facebook Live

News Staff

The Cranston Fire in the San Bernardino National Forest has now burned 4,700 acres, destroying 5 homes, and is just 5% contained.

KMIR News reporter Lauren Day spent the day on the mountain surveying current conditions and updating viewers on where the fire could go next. She also spoke with firefighters on what they were doing to protect the town of Idyllwild. Throughout the morning, Day was live on Facebook updating viewers on the destruction and going home to home to check on viewers property.

During a walk down Deer Foot Lane, which was hit the hardest by the fire, Day showed viewers all 5 homes destroyed and was able to illustrate the heartache caused by the flames, which forced the evacuation of more then 3,200 people, and sent the Coachella Valley into a panic.

The live update gave residents the ability to get a first-hand look at where exactly the homes were, and how much damage was inflicted. Many viewers on the live feed commented that they lived in the neighborhood as well and asked if she could check out their properties. Lauren sprung into action checking on numerous homes, offering some good news to many viewers who were able to see their homes for the first time since being evacuated on Wednesday.

To view the destruction of each home, skip to the following times:

Home 1- 1:01

Home 2- 2:32

Home 3- 3:58

Home 4- 8:16

Home 5- 25:41

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