Aspiring Eagle Scout Helps Sick Babies and Their Moms

Aspiring Eagle Scout Helps Sick Babies and Their Moms

It’s a story of hope and compassion. A local life scout who is pouring his entire heart into his Eagle Scout project.

17-year-old Liam Dixon from La Quinta loves to sew. “There’s nothing more frustrating, than to be in the middle of a heart and your bobbin runs out,” says Dixon.

Liam is a life scout and his passion for needle and thread all started with his Eagle Scout project.

“One side is minky fleece, the other side is the softer one. The other side is a cotton flannel,” says Dixon.

So heart by heart, Liam took to the sewing machine to make little hearts. Each one with a special purpose.

You see when he’s done making the hearts, he brings them to Desert Regional Medical Center. The hospital staff give them to those who need them most, mom’s and their babies who are really sick.

New mother, Jacoby Perez says, “I just thought they were cute little keepsakes or something.”

But little did the new mom know, the little keepsakes would help her through the scariest time of her life.

“She had some fluid in her lungs, so they couldn’t take her back to me right away. So they came up to me and said, ‘Quick give mommy a kiss your lips are turning blue,’” says husband Joshua Perez.

What should have been a special bonding moment after birth went horrible wrong.

“I went by myself with the team to the NICU and I was bedside with the baby and there was nothing I could do basically besides watch,” says Joshua.

Watch as baby McKenna struggled for air. The doctors say she had strep in her blood and was septic, something that could’ve killed her.

Joshua says, “This whole ordeal has been the scariest time of my life.”

McKenna spent 10 days in the neo-natal intensive care unit. So Liam’s hearts were there when mom and dad couldn’t.

“Basically I leave one with her, with my smell, and then I lay one next to her all day. I take it with me when I leave, that way we can be bonded and close,” says Jacoby.

Nurse Lori Wood says Liam’s hearts are helping babies and their parents.  “They have the comfort of mom all the time, just as if momma was holding them, so we definitely see that babies sleep better, they have less pain, they’re more comfortable and they’re able to get better faster,” says Wood.

One by one, his hearts are inspiring others, like 13-year-old Sydney Stein to make more.

“I know that these hearts make the mothers feel a lot better about the situation. So as someone who cannot physically help the baby, I think that this is the best thing that I can do for them,” says Stein.

And for parents, “It’s priceless. That piece of mind is priceless,” says Jacoby.

So priceless that meeting the creator meant the world.

Liam says, “this lets me know that I’ve accomplished something. To meet the parents, that’s great.”

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference, like a little heart, from a boy with a very big heart.