Passenger Captures Moment Aeromexico Plane Crashes on Film

Passenger Captures Moment Aeromexico Plane Crashes on Film

News Staff

An Aeromexico airliner crashed after taking off in the northern state of Durango on Tuesday, a federal official said.

The governor of Mexico’s Durango state later said there were no deaths in the crash. Thirty seven people suffered slight injuries.

The civil defense office of Durango state said the plane landed in a field near the airport for the state capital, also named Durango. The agency published photos of a smoking but seemingly relatively intact plane lying on its belly in a field. Lines of ambulances were waiting at the accident site.

Gerardo Ruiz Eparza, head of Mexico’s Transport Department, said that “the plane fell upon takeoff.” He said there were 97 passengers and four crew members aboard.

The airline said in its Twitter account that it was “trying to verify the information and obtain details.” Aeromexico said the incident involved an Embraer 190 plane with a capacity of 100 passengers on a flight from Durango to Mexico City.