Mounds of trash near I-10 Freeway

Mounds of trash near I-10 Freeway

Claudia Buccio

The sides of the I-10 freeway on Varner Road between Cook St and Monterey Ave do not look as clean as it could be. Near the fence area, there are all kinds of trash such as empty gallons of milk, boxes and portato chips wrappers.

This is a scene that resident  Ivey Ranch Golf and Country Club resident JoAnn Mailloux does not like driving up to.

“I’m just tired of the street looking like that,” she said. “I don’t think it should, not in the coachella valley. All the streets are kept up nice, except this part of Varner Road.”

Mounds of trash are the both the first and last things she sees when she drives in and out of her residence.

“Tires, there was a small mattress thrown on the side of the road. They throw cans, bottles, whatever, half the fencing has been squashed down,” she recalled.

For Mailloux, it is uncomfortable to welcome guests to the property because the trash is one of the first things people notice.

“Every time, even when my friends and relatives come to visit they go, ‘Oh my goodness that road is atrocious.’”

Mailloux  just moved to the property in March, and she said she noticed trash then but decided to give it some time.  

“I think it’s disgusting in plain english, so I feel CalTrans needs to step and clean that place and keep it up,” she said.

She said she filed a report to CalTrans about two months ago. However, Mailloux said CalTrans only cleaned one part of the road.

In a statement, Terri Kasinga from CalTrans said a maintenance crew is now aware of the situation, so they will be cleaning up the area. She said they were unaware of this situation.

“We thank the traveling public and surrounding communities for their input and comments so we can keep our highways safe for all users!,” Kasinga added.

CalTrans did not specify when they would start cleaning up the area, but they urge residents to submit requests online. Click here.

Mailloux also thinks that the owners of the lots near the Ivey Ranch Golf and Country Club should take responsibility and clean up the area. she hopes to see the overgrown shrubs and weeds completely eradicated.

“And I think it is a fire hazard myself if anyone throws a cigarette bud,” Mailloux said.

All she wants is to see her city clean everyday.