Investigator Responds to Sheriff’s Claims Allegations of a Cover Up are Political

Investigator Responds to Sheriff’s Claims Allegations of a Cover Up are Political

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For months private investigator Luis Bolanos says he’s been receiving information about a cover up in the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department regarding a case nearly a decade old, “They were ordered to do everything they can so that none of this information would ever leak to the media to keep it as hush as possible.”

Whistleblowers who have come forward say they were not allowed to arrest the former sheriff’s investigator despite a failed polygraph test and a mountain of evidence showing he was molesting children he was supposed to be mentoring while he was in charged of the Sheriff’s Activities League.

“The investigation team had enough to arrest Kevin Duffy that night and they were told not to arrest him,” said a former department employee who was a part of the investigation.

“These are allegations have been made by  the people responsible for the investigation of the allegation of child molestation, serial child molestation against Kevin Duffy,” says Bolanos. 

Bolanos says because of this Duffy took his life ten days later, something he had attempted twice before, it denied his victims justice and worse he claims the sheriff’s department never followed up with the victims,”These kids these victims nine years ago … never got the chance to tell their story, a chance to get the help they needed, they were kind of erased from the history,” says Bolanos. 

He says the sheriff’s department also failed to do what they do with other child molestation cases, “Why make the change and not handle this case like you handle every other case like this where you try to warn the public and protect our children?” 

Bolanos has held two public press conferences where he calls on the department to make the documents regarding the case public but says instead of addressing the issue the sheriff’s department has attacked him, even including his name in a press release along with KMIR for reporting the story.

“When you don’t have evidence to back up what you claim and we really don’t know what Sheriff Sniff is claiming, so far because he hasn’t released anything, he hasn’t spoken to anybody about this case, you attack the person so he’s attacking me, that’s okay,” says Bolanos. 

Sheriff Sniff has declined our request for an on camera interview several times stating he cannot disclose information regarding child molestation cases but he has said through press releases and through an investigator there have not been any new allegations or claims against the department and their original investigation was thorough and found one victim who was molested on two separate occasions by Duffy two years apart, not the many victims Bolanos has claimed. The sheriff’s department in a press release, ” … the investigation was properly closed in 2009. However, anyone wishing to share additional information about this investigation, including Mr. Bolanos, should contact the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department at (951) 955-2777. Additionally, services for those suffering from the impacts of child and or adult abuse can be obtained through the Department of Social Services by calling the Child Abuse Hotline (800) 442-4918 and or the Adult Services Hotline (800) 491-7123.”

Bolanos says in those press releases, this year, was the first time the department publicly admitted Duffy  was being investigated for child molestation in 2009.

Bolanos also says these allegations are not politically motivated as Sniff has claimed, but his work is what he’s been doing for years as part of PAVE, a non profit where he donates his time to help empower victims of sexual abuse.

He says this is not about him, but the victims, “We want to make sure his victims have a chance to have their voices heard and this is never allowed to happen again.” 

Attorney Steven Levin and Bolanos have called on the community to ask for a grand jury investigation into the claims. Levine says he will be filing a lawsuit on behalf of the victims who have come forward through the hotline set up by Bolanos.