Animation Film Festival Returns to Palm Springs

Animation Film Festival Returns to Palm Springs

Daytona Everett

The Palm Springs International Animation Festival and Expo kicked off Wednesday, Aug. 22. The festival features hundreds of short films, feature films and documentaries through Saturday, Aug. 25.

Although it’s only the second year of the festival, PSIAF has already gained global attention.

“The artists and animators we work with are coming from over a hundred different countries,” Brian Hoff, the Founder of PSIAF, said. “We have at least fifty different nations represented in our event.”

One of the animators, Emerson Pereira, traveled from Brazil to receive his award from last year’s festival competition.

He presented Hoff with a trophy of his own; a 3D printout of the main character from his animation. Hoff said it’s gestures like that which make him grateful.

“I think the future of animation is really just getting started,” Hoff said.

One animation featured this year, Sergeant Stubby, is a story about a stray dog, a soldier and their journey together. It perfectly displays the raw companionship of man’s best friend during tough times.

Check out the trailer.

“This film is really about celebrating the veterans and going back so the veterans can see and remember what it was like back then,” Hoff said. “Through animation, a lot of different people can.”

Whether you’re a family, a movie junkie, or just a lover of art and animation, PSIAF is catering to everyone to sit back, relax and enjoy.

For tickets and additional information, visit the PSIAF website.