California Legislators to Vote on Gun Laws

California legislators are about to vote on gun laws. This comes six months after 17 were killed at a high school in Florida. Some legislators sponsoring the laws say they’re sending a clear message they hear the voices of the people in fear of school shootings. 

Here’s a brief summary of the five bills legislators will be voting on before the end of the month.

SB 1968 would place a lifetime ban on anyone admitted to a mental health facility more than once a year who is a danger to themselves or others.

SB 1100 would raise the minimum age to buy any fire arm from 18 to 21. This would apply to long guns in the state since the restriction exists for handguns. 

SB 1177 bans civilians from buying more than one firearm in 30 days this would apply to long guns since the age to buy a handgun is already 21. Law enforcement and gun dealers would be exempt. 

SB 1968 would place a lifetime ban on anyone admitted to a mental health facility more than once a year who is a danger to themselves or others.

AB 2888 would allow schools or employers to request a gun violence restraining orders against employees and students, the law now only allows law enforcement and family to request this, it allows allows law enforcement to temporarily seize their weapons.

AB 3129 places lifetime bans for anyone convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence. This is already a federal law. 

Kent Miller with Second Amendment Sports in Palm Desert says he understands some people’s intention to wanting more gun control, “I get the motivation nobody likes atrocities, nobody wants to see injured children or massive violence, nobody wants to see that, I don’t want to see that.”

Miller does agree with the mental health ban, but says some of these laws are redundant federal laws proposed by politicians with different motivations, “Passing a state level law isn’t going to change anything because it already exists so really it’s just in the State of California feel good and politicians attaching their names to bills so they can tout later about how strong they are on crime.”

He says people should think long and hard before they vote any restrictions on the Second Amendment because once those restrictions are in place they may have unintended consequences and once those rights are gone they’re not coming back.

J.R. Roberts, Palm Springs Mayor Pro Tem says he’s a gun owner for sensible gun control and while these laws may not end all gun violence they should be passed, “We’re not going to solve this problem but if we can slow it down, or we can make it just a little bit harder for people who are not of sound mind or younger people or people who are angry … if we save one life it will all be worth it.”


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