Soccer Coach Runs for Coachella City Council

Soccer Coach Runs for Coachella City Council

Claudia Buccio

If Victor Alcantara is not driving people around the city of Coachella, he is working with the community as a soccer coach and referee. Alcantara is the father of four, and he takes the role of sports in society very seriously. It was thanks to his work with local soccer leagues that he started learning more about local politics.

“I share the same feelings with my community. I’m a hard working guy. I started working when I was 6 years old selling candies [in Peru],” Alcantara said.

Alcantara is from Peru and lived there until he graduated from college completing his degree in education. He is running for city council in Coachella. After living in the Coachella Valley for many years, Alcantara said he understands the community’s needs.

“When I moved to this country I worked in construction for a long time, and I was working in the fields too, with grapes and roofing under 120 degrees,” he said.

People who recognize him on the street often just call him “coach” because of his work school leagues. Even his four children have been involved in sports.

Alcantara said that Coachella might have many issues, but for him, the most pressing ones have to do with public safety, small businesses and fiscal responsibility.

Regarding safety, he said he wants to have more law enforcement officers patrolling streets. His solution is to use some of the cannabis-related tax revenue.

“We can get some money from there to increase the law enforcement,” he said.

His agenda includes creating community forums to hold the council accountable to the people they serve.

“People have the right to know where is their money, where it comes from and here it is going,” Alcantara said.

In order to make sure the voices of small business owners, he wants to help create a union, so they can feel represented.

As the election cycle gets closer, he assures his followers that he is not a politician, he said he is a dreamer.

“I dream with a society with better politicians, with a better future,” he said.

Alcantara wants coachella to be recognized and remembered as “a traditional city but with a lot of young energy.”

Alcantara believes sports can help boost Coachella’s economy, and he hopes to see a new stadium one day and more tournaments and leagues in Coachella to support local athletic talent. This candidate would like to see cultural festivals that represent the traditions of Latinos in Coachella.

Information on the other candidates running for city council in the City of Coachella will be available on KMIR’s website. Elections will take place on November 6, 2018.