Labor Day Treat: 100-Pound Donut Unveiling

Labor Day Treat: 100-Pound Donut Unveiling

Daytona Everett


Sunday marked a sweet start to Labor Day Weekend at the J.W. Marriot as the culinary team unveiled a 100-pound donut.

The monstrosity of a donut is not for the average donut consumer. Chef Dominquez Nancy and Chef Peter Smith are smashing records with the massive raspberry jelly-filled creation.

“We wanted to do something fun, we wanted to do something that people would enjoy,” Smith said. “Something you can really get into and smash in someone’s face.” 

Topped with 18 pounds of fondant, five pounds of icing, oozy pink chocolate and of course, sprinkles, the 25-thousand calories can’t hurt, right?

The process takes two days, so the actual baking of the famous cake donut started Saturday. The day of the unveiling, Sunday, was dedicated to frosting and decorating the magnificent creation.

The first step: icing. The chefs draped the vanilla chiffon cake with an Italian buttercream frosting, smoothed to perfection.

Next, the donut began to take its round shape when the gently crafted sheets of flattened fondant were placed in fourths on top.

After that, “Chef Dom” fired up the airbrush to paint on the finishing touches with a coffee glaze, making the dough appear to be fresh out the fryer – and don’t forget more icing.

Last but not least, the made-from-scratch rainbow sprinkles because who doesn’t want sprinkles on their donut? Finally, some glitter for good luck.

Fifteen pounds of sugar and jelly-filled goodness later, we “donut” think anyone left without a smile on their face and a sugar-high.

The fun didn’t stop there. Some sneaked off to the bar for a taste of the Pink Flamingo, another large-scale strawberry milkshake concoction with, you guessed it, more donuts.

KMIR tried the donut. Verdict: excellent.