Family Seeks Justice And Offers Reward For Slain Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

Family Seeks Justice And Offers Reward For Slain Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

After months of unanswered questions, the family of a popular jiu-jitsu instructor who was murdered at his home in cathedral city has now hired a private investigator.

Family members of Ramon Diaz say they are desperately searching for answers in their brother’s unsolved murder.

“Just beg and plead to you, please if you have any information, just the slightest bit, that you would come forward to bring justice to this beautiful, kind and loving soul,” said Gabriella Diaz.

“How many brother do you have?’ How do I answer that? How many brothers did I have?” said Marco Diaz, the victims brother.

Private investigator Luis Bolanos, who will not be billing the family for his work, made the announcement in front of a packed room.

“We have established a $10,000 dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the murder and execution of Ramon Diaz,” said Bolanos.

Bolanos and his team of 22 say whoever killed Ramon Diaz had knowledge of his movements and schedule, and did not work alone. This, after the Cathedral City Police Department released surveillance video of the murder aftermath.

“The individuals, the weasels, the suspects, the monsters that murder, executed Ramon have strong ties to the Coachella Valley,” said Bolanos.

A reward, Bolanos said, and a hotline for people to call with information could lead investigators to a person of interest.

“This hotline could be key to solving this case. We have used hotlines very effectively in the past,” said Bolanos.

The hotline number is (855) 447-2666.