First Free-Stranding Acute Rehab Hospital Opens in the Desert

First Free-Stranding Acute Rehab Hospital Opens in the Desert

Max Rodriguez

A partnership between Eisenhower Health and Vibra Healthcare is bringing the first free-standing acute medical rehabilitation hospital to the Coachella Valley.

Dean Dolick is one of the first patients of the hospital, he is receiving treatment after going through a life-altering medical procedure.

Dolick said, “About four months ago I had there was five experts telling me it had to come off, well I didn’t have the courage to do it until recently.”

He underwent surgery to amputate his right leg.

The hospital will treat patients who may have gone through various procedures, Dr. Alan Williamson, the Vice President of Medical Affairs for Eisenhower Health, said, “Using acute rehabilitation for patients that have suffered strokes, patients that have had major orthopedic surgery, joint replacement surgery.”

In the case of Dolick, he is re-learning how to perform everyday life tasks.

He said, “How to sit in my favorite chair because it’s lower than I’m used to and they showed me everything, they showed me how to get up and down the steps.”

The latest technology combined with intensive rehabilitation treatments every day helps patients get home sooner. The typical stay for a person receiving treatment is about two weeks.

The Associate Medical Director for Vibra Healthcare, Dr. Charles Knoll, said, “In those 12 days we’re doing three hours a day therapy everyday helping them make progress faster.”

The hospital is equipped with 50 privates rooms, and it will eventually staff about 300 people.

As for Dolick, he will soon receive a prosthetic leg that will require additional training, but for now, he feels he is getting the tools he needs to go back to his regular life.

Dolick said, “There’s support groups here and it helps us all because we get to be back in society and into a normal life.”

The official ribbon cutting ceremony will be hosted next month, however a portion of the hospital is already treating patients.