Trash Prowlers in your Neighborhood

Trash Prowlers in your Neighborhood

Daytona Everett

Some desert residents are having issues with so called “dumpster divers” allegedly trespassing on their properties and stealing trash.

A surveillance camera caught a man rushing onto a Riverside property and stealing several trash bags from the front door then rushing back again to grab more and quickly speeding off.

Another instance in Riverside shows a man and a woman hauling off a bag each and driving off.

The recurring crime spans to some Palm Desert neighborhoods, as well. A Nextdoor thread shows several complaints from residents about the same issue.

The original poster, Mary Finley, says people going through her trash every trash day. If there isn’t, it’s a surprise.

Residents like Terry Nicholson take their home security seriously.

“It means everything to me,” Nicholson said.

While he’s never had his trash stolen, he said it’s concerning to hear it’s happening in his neighborhood.

In Palm Desert Municipal Code reads:

  1.      No person other than the city or the contract agent(s) of the city acting in the scope of their agency or employment, shall remove from the city-regulated recycle containers or from the city-regulated recycle bins any city-owned recyclable materials.
  2.      It is unlawful for any person to do the following to any recycle container or recycle bin used in the city:
  3.      Tamper or meddle with such a container or bin;
  4.      Tamper or meddle with the contents of any such container or bin;
  5.      Remove any such container, bin or material from the location where the container, bin or material has been placed for pick up by the city, the contract agent(s) of the city or a licensed recycling business. (Ord. 822 § 1, 1997; Ord. 565 § 4, 1989)


When it comes to private documents in the trash, shred them beforehand, a Palm Springs trash representative said.

According to the city, if the trash is on your property, it’s owned by you – when it’s on the street, it’s owned by the city.

Every city code is different. If your neighborhood is having issues with trespassers, call the police.

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