Cathedral City High Celebrates Kindness

Cathedral City High School students are celebrating kindness. Three words sum it up nicely: “Dude. Be Nice.”

“Yes it’s been amazing, I mean the students here are so nice and so kind,” says Samantha Camua, a sophomore at CCHS, with a big smile on her face. 

The month long celebration features different activities to spread kindness.

“We’ve been dedicating this whole week actually to putting kindness into action,” says Mariah Vega, ASB president and a senior at the school. 

On this day students were encouraged to write a thank you card to a teacher or a student who deserves a little sunshine. 

“Mrs. Shirley is definitely making a difference in a lot of student’s lives here,” says Carlos Meza, senior at CCHS, who wrote the thank you card as he spoke kindly about his French teacher. 

An activity that is still making an impact: giving each other stickers with kind words.

Mariah says it helped her reach out to a student she’s been wanting to meet, “They’re usually typically quiet, and just seemed to be lonely so I actually went up to them and gave them a sticker, the look on their face was so priceless they were just so happy.”

Jimmy received a sticker that day, he still wears it with pride, “Well I just feel like my heart is so much happy and I feel so much good.” He couldn’t help but dance to the music playing. 

He and others are noticing the kindness they’re giving out is coming right back. 

“It just means the world to me and that’s something that I want to do like for the rest of my life because life is too short to have so much hate,” says Mariah. 

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