Midterm Election Countdown for Political Campaign

Midterm Election Countdown for Political Campaign

Max Rodriguez

There are seven Tuesdays away from November 6, and for a group of local high school students will be voting for the first time this midterm election, and they said they are ready to make it count.

Samantha O’Hara is a student at Banning High School, she will be spending the next several weekends volunteering for Dr. Ruiz’s 2018 congressional re-election campaign.

O’Hara said, “Stay involved that’s the number one rule of politics, that’s the number one rule for bringing change, and so on November six go out and vote for the change you want to see.”

O’Hara and about 60 other interns spend a couple of hours a day going through a list of phone numbers, calling locals to inform them about the candidate they represent and about election day.

Leo Lara is also a student who is interning during his last year of high school, he said he wants more of his classmates to get out and vote.

Lara said, “Because some people don’t vote or are involved we end up having a crisis in our own society so we as a younger generation we are trying to motivate everyone to just get involved.”

But phone calls are no their only resource, as election day approaches, more and more volunteers will begin to hit local neighborhoods.

Data from 2016 shows people between ages 18-to-35 made 31% of the overall electorate, but only half of the people in that age group voted during the last presidential election.

Therefore, motivation to vote is needed, especially in mid-term elections as it sees fewer voters than in presidential run-offs, but at least this group of young people is voting with intention.

O’Hara said, “Looking back at the elections of 2016 that was one of the time’s politics became more prevalent in our society and a lot of teens we were discussing how we want to be a part of it.”

California voters have until October 22 to register to vote for the November election.