DA Requests More Information On Alleged Student Assault In Palm Springs

DA Requests More Information On Alleged Student Assault In Palm Springs

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The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office has requested more information from the Palm Springs Police Department in the case of a student who was allegedly body slammed by the executive director of Stepping Stones Learning Center in Palm Springs.

The student, Kadyn Lantry, says he suffered serious injuries at the hands of Darrin Erb, Stepping Stones Learning Center’s executive director.

“I really thought I was going to die that day,” Lantry said in a previous interview with NBC Palm Springs.

Last week Kadyn’s mother filed a civil lawsuit against Erb for what he allegedly did to her son.

“Kadyn told me, he said ‘mom I knew when he asked everyone to leave the room and he locked the door, something bad was going to happen,” said Kadyn’s mother, Storey Lantry Chavira.

NBC Palm Springs has now learned that the Riverside County District Attorney has returned the case to the Palm Springs police department instructions to investigate further.

“It’s not uncommon for the district attorney’s office return that for further investigation and that could be for anything as much as additional surveillance that they want to see or an additional witness that they want interviewed,” said Sgt. Michael Casavan of the Palm Springs Police Department.

Sgt. Casavan says it not unusual for the district attorney to request further investigation on a case that has been highly publicized.

“Right now they are interviewing witnesses and it should be back with the district attorney’s office within a couple of days,” said Casavan.

Stepping Stones Learning Center is still in operation but Erb declined our request for a comment.