Exclusive Preview: Both Candidates for Sheriff Weigh in on Race

Exclusive Preview: Both Candidates for Sheriff Weigh in on Race

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Two very different styles of leadership:

“We’ve done a great job and that’s a tribute to the men and women of this department,” says Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff who is hoping to get reelected. 

“We have to care more about the people that we’re serving,” says Riverside County Sheriff’s Lt. Chad Bianco, who is running against Sniff. 

Only one can be top cop … and it all comes down to November.

But it seems every new day brings a new accusation. 

“The depth and scope of how foul it’s become,” says Sniff adding when you’re in the public arena you individually are going to individually are going to end up getting a lot of rocks and unfair accusations.”

But even he admits the sheriff’s race has reached new lows, “The harming of innocent individuals on blogs and those other things that basically are made up out of hole cloth are just almost like a weapon of terror,” says Sniff referring to allegations of online harassment by an online blogger he thinks is linked to his opponent. 

Bianco denounces these claims saying the Sniff campaign likes to keep this rumor alive because it’s all he’s got to attack him with.

Bianco, the man seeking to unseat Sniff , is counting on people wanting change, “We will change this department and we will provide you a better service,” he says adding the problem with the sheriff’s race is not enough time is being spent discussing issues affecting the department and community they serve, “instead of telling everyone how great he’s done or what he’s going to do different it’s resorted now to just attacking me, it’s unfortunate.”

Bianco says not only has he been stripped of his duties as a lieutenant, but those who are open about supporting him are retaliated against, “People are afraid, they know they’e going to be removed from special assignments, they know they’re going to get freeway therapy where they drive from one end of the county to the next. You live in Coachella and you work in Jurupa, that is very, very alive in our department and that is a legitimate fear of our employees.”

Sniff says this is not true, “It is outright nonsense, no sheriff would end up doing that and i’ll tell you right now to your viewers that is not going on that’s just a bunch of baloney again throwing things at the wall to see if it sticks.”

Exlcusive extended interviews will air on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. on NBC Palm Springs.