Locals Weigh In on Kavanaugh Nomination

It’s a question on the minds of many: should the senate judiciary committee approve Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh?

The Coachella valley weighed in and the “he said she said” that’s likely to happen in the hearings is happening in the valley too, only in reverse.

“Should we postpone the Judge Kavanaugh hearings?” I ask Dorene from La Quinta. 

“No,” answers Dorene, adding that she wants it over with and wants him to “win badly”.
boys will be boys doesn’t cut it, and I just can’t understand the support he’s getting when that’s such an important position

Some feel in light of yet another woman coming forward with similar claims of Kavanaugh’s behavior in high school that include excessive drinking, spiking girls’ drinks and sexual assault the committee would not be doing its job of vetting Supreme Court nominees if these allegations aren’t investigated.

“There’s more awareness of the “Me Too” kinds of issues and I think to honor that movement and with respect to all that we’re learning that this really should be stopped and he’s not right for the Supreme Court,” says Brian Devries from Palm Springs. 

“There are some serious questions about this man’s character and some of his history even when he was young and it would seem to me it would be in his best interest to do a thorough investigation to confirm what he claims to be true which is that these events never happened,” says John Burton from Palm Springs. 

“I think we need to postpone this and I think there needs to be an investigation by the FBI, there’s no need to rush this,” says Mark Zancanaro, who lives part time in Palm Springs adding Republicans on the committee hired a woman attorney to question one of the accusers because the optics were bad. 

But others believe Kavanaugh, who has vehemently denied ever behaving this way and support his nomination.

“I think the allegations that are coming from high school that have never been mentioned for all these years and when he became a judge were not mentioned I think is a witch hunt and I think it’s the democrats behind it,” Deborah Dawson from Indio adding that she believes the “Me Too” movement does have credibility and there is time for a change but in this case these women coming out in the eleventh hour proves their claims aren’t credible. 

One woman, who did not want to be identified but tells us she used to work for the FBI says another investigation isn’t warranted, “Absolutely not he’s had six FBI background checks, they’re very thorough, I know from experience and he’s a qualified man.”


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