Preparations For Free Health Care Clinic For Coachella Valley Residents Are Underway




Hundreds of Coachella Valley residents will flood through the gates of Desert Mirage High School for free health care, but it’s only for one day. Starting tomorrow at 8 in the morning, folks can start lining up outside of Desert Mirage High School in Thermal for free medical, vision, and dental care. This is all part of the Flying Doctors clinic that has served the valley since 1995, but that’s not all. In addition to a team of doctors, Coachella Valley High School students are also lending a helping hand.

In fact, the Flying Doctors project is arguably one of their biggest events of the year. Citlali Cabrera, a Health Academy student at Coachella Valley High School, told NBC Palm Springs that this event is so important to the valley community.

“The Flying Doctors program is a very special program because it’s a one day free health care day.”

That’s right, free health care.

“We don’t ask for any information, any documents, all we need is for you to attend. We offer medical, vision, and dental,” said Alexander Franco, who is a Lead for the Flying Doctors event.

These are services that anyone in the valley can qualify for.

“We’re not going to help you based on your background. We’re going to help you no matter what,” added Alexander.

So how are these students going to pull this event off? Ulisses Hernandez, who is also in the Health Academy at Coachella Valley high school, says, it’s quite simple.

“I’m going to be assigning everyone…we need people helping out the doctors themselves, we need people translating, we need people organizing the equipment from set up to breaking everything down.”

From helping take blood pressure to assisting the doctors, students will have the opportunity to get hands on experience in the medical field.

“We are a part of this community and we know how difficult it is to sometimes get health insurance or get any medical help,” said Alexander.

Luis Lomber told NBC Palm Springs that this event is also important to the community, because many members may not be documented or may be fearful to expose their family members when seeking health care options.

“They are either not documented and that really affects them too and their perspectives.”

These students understand the fears their community may have, but want everyone to know this is a safe space that’s full of helping hands.

“By helping out doctors, we’re helping our community,” said Adam Ventura who is part of the Health Academy in Coachella Valley High School.

“It’s a great experience to help people,” added Ulisses.

The best part is that the services are completely free and, as Luis says, the doctors and volunteers are only there to lift up the Coachella Valley community.

“We are here to help you, not hurt you.”