Local Hospital Excels in Critical Care

Kitty Alvarado

“The faster that the patient can be delivered from the scene of the accident to the hands of the waiting trauma team, the lower the morbidity and mortality,” says Dr. Frank Ercoli.

When there’s an accident and life hangs in the balance, chances are first responders in the valley will rush those patients to the only critical care trauma unit in the area: Desert Regional Medical Center.

“They notify us here at desert regional medical center of their eta or their impending arrival.” he says. 

With more than 29 years of experience as a trauma and critical care surgeon, Dr. Ercoli and a trauma team jump into action before patients even arrive.

“There’s more than a dozen people already put on alert and standing by and ready to take EMS time out and report from the emergency medical providers when the patient arrives right here in the trauma unit,” he says. 

And he says they don’t only take care of the patients, they care for their loved ones too, at Hanson House, the valley’s only hospital hospitality house, “The families can stay within yards of their loved one and be in constant contact.”

Their reward is saving lives.

“We do this as a team and as long as we know we’re doing well for the patient and providing help that’s what keeps us going,” says Dr. Ercoli. 

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