Local Route 91 Survivors Reflect And Heal From The Tragic Day

Local Route 91 Survivors Reflect And Heal From The Tragic Day



Today marks one year since the worst mass shooting in modern US history. Last week, NBC Palm Springs brought you a story of two local survivors who were headed out to the Route 91 Family reunion. Today Jaime and Lynda Mancilla say, this reunion has brought them peace. In fact, for many of the survivors, October 1st is about remembering those who were lost in this horrific tragedy that happened one year ago and Jaime and Lynda Mancilla are no exception.

“We went to get closure….we went to heal…” said Jaime.

This is exactly what the couple got when they attended the Route 91 Family Reunion.

“It was a happy, grateful kind of environment. Just the outpouring of love and support and unity…it’s pretty amazing,” added Lynda.

Jaime and Lynda say that it is this kind of love that got them through the weekend.

“To see people just love on each other, to hug someone you don’t even know… It was pretty incredible. It was pretty touching,” said Jaime.

“We were leaving the hotel yesterday and we got back to our car with this little note on there saying: God bless you guys, god loves you from the parking ambassador…so that’s just kind of something of the outpouring of love we experienced the who weekend…” Lynda told NBC Palm Springs.

The emotions continued to run rampant inside of the Healing Garden.

“To see the names and the pictures of the victims up close,” said Jaime.

“Like where a mom lost a son…there are a lot of young people that died,” added Lynda, as she was trying to hold back the tears.

Now, while they will never forget what happened that somber October 1st the couple says that they are at peace.

“We were country strong before, but, we’re country stronger now.”

Jaime and Lynda say they’re happy to be home and are ready to start the next chapter of their lives; always remembering the love that they experienced during the Route 91 Family Reunion.