Mother files federal lawsuit after son doesn’t make high school soccer team

Mother files federal lawsuit after son doesn’t make high school soccer team

News Staff

A St. Louis mother has filed a federal lawsuit, claiming that a soccer coach’s decision to cut her son from the junior varsity team was age discrimination.

KTVI reports if a junior Ladue High School student does not make the varsity team, the boy cannot play again on the junior varsity team. This is in an attempt to allow lower grade students a chance to develop their skills and later try out for varsity.

The mother of a junior who did not make the cut, identified only as John Doe, said this is unfair and believes her son is good enough to play on the junior varsity team again.

According to the Riverfront Times, the boy’s mom alleged that this practice violates age discrimination laws and Title IX, a civil rights law attempting to guarantee equal access in public education regardless of gender, because the policy is not in place for younger boys or female athletes.

The suit claims the soccer coach told the boy’s mom that he was “right on the bubble” of making the team, but that there were too many kids who had a better soccer skill and soccer IQ for him to make the team. The coach also wasn’t willing to put the boy on junior varsity again,

The mother and stepfather complained to the school, but the lawsuit claims they eventually supported the coach’s decision.

The teen’s mom claims her son will face “irreparable harm” if he’s not put on the team.

“The junior varsity soccer season will be over by the end of October 2018,” the suit notes. “Over half the season is already gone.”

A judge is expected to make a decision in the case on Monday.