Dad faces child abuse charges after video shows him spanking, kicking 6-year-old

Dad faces child abuse charges after video shows him spanking, kicking 6-year-old

News Staff

A Tennessee man is facing charges after video surveillance showed him hitting his 6-year-old son.

WZTV reports Randy Dickens is jailed on a child abuse/neglect charge.

Wilson County deputies were called to a Mt. Juliet home Sunday after the child’s mother, Nia Snow, told police she had surveillance video of Dickens striking the boy multiple times.

“It’s the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Snow said.

Snow said the incident began as discipline for the 6-year-old behaving badly at school, but escalated.

“All of a sudden, his whole body just started going into it,” Snow said. “He was drooling out of his mouth, he was putting so much effort into it, that’s how bad it was.”

Deputies watched the surveillance video, taken from the front porch, and witnessed Dickens hitting the boy with an open hand, kicking him in the stomach and shoving him to the ground.

At one point the boy tries to escape to a play room, and Dickens is seen following and hitting him again.

“Damien ran in there to hide underneath his pillow, and Randy comes in and smacks him again in the face and kicks him again,” Snow said. “The whole time it was happening, he was screaming my name.”

Snow secretly called police during the incident and persuaded Dickens to leave the house for groceries as she showed deputies the video. She said she was afraid to confront Dickens because he carries a handgun.

“I tried to do things the right way,” Snow said. “I did what the police told me to do, and I didn’t want nobody getting shot, and I knew that’s what would’ve happened, so I tried to be smart.”

Snow said Dickens has abused her in the past and is encouraging victims to speak out, no matter how hard it may be.

“It does something to your kids, whether you see it or not, and you might feel it, but you have to do something about it, because it affects them, and something like this will end up happening,” Snow said.