Local Family Reacts To Judge’s Ruling on TPS


A federal judge blocks the Trump administration from ending the Temporary Protected Status program, better known as TPS. This umbrella program has allowed hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants to legally live and work in the United States for decades.

In fact, according to Maria Quezada, a legal support staff with Todec, to TPS recipients this order isn’t just a huge relief for them or something they had been hoping for; it is also the best chance they have of staying alive.

“They might end up taken to what the gang is into, or they might get killed if they refuse to participate in gang activity.”

This is the fear of a mother.

“The moment she came in I could hear her crying.”

A mother who is living in the united states under the temporary protected status program, or TPS.

“It’s usually designated to countries that have suffered natural disasters, war, epidemics.”

Now that a federal judge temporarily blocked the Trump administration from ending this program, TPS recipients will continue to have their rights.

“You have the right to work and you can get your driver’s license. It’s almost similar to what a permanent resident has, except you cannot leave the country.”

Maria recommends that if you, or someone you know, find yourself in this position, you should do the following

“Of course make a family plan. If you get to a point where you have to leave your children [in the United States], appoint someone that you know is going to take care of them financially and support them emotionally as well.”

Meantime, while Maria says tampering with TPS is just not right, some certainty is better than no certainty at all.

“It’s a benefit. It’s hope to the people who were going to lose their status beginning November 2nd.”

Had the federal judge not temporarily blocked the termination of TPS roughly 300,000 immigrants who fled violence and disaster in Haiti, Sudan, Nicaragua and El Salvador would have lost their legal status (under the umbrella program) in this country.