Rising Gas Prices Fuel Proposition Six Supporters

Rising Gas Prices Fuel Proposition Six Supporters

Daytona Everett

If it feels like you’ve been paying more at the pump this month, it’s because you are. Gas prices are nearing their highest levels in four years, according to Oil Price Information Service.

With the gas tax on the November ballot, the proposed measure, Proposition Six, continues to be a talker.

“Well yes, especially for me and my budget, I have social security and a little bit of teacher’s pension,” Janene Marple, a gas customer said.

Gasbuddy shows California averaging more than $3.50 per gallon. That tops every other state and it could get worse.

Courtesy: GasBuddy

“I came from Colorado and it’s a lot cheaper there like $2.39 per gallon, it’s like 35 bucks fills my tank, over here it’s like 55 or almost 60,” Alvin Lerma, another gas customer, said.

Courtesy: GasBuddy

With the gas prices hitting almost four dollars per gallon, Yes on Six supporters are saying it’s about time the gas tax gets repealed.

Proposition Six is on the November Ballot. It’s a measure that would repeal the twelve cent gas tax. Opponents of Prop Six argue that tax money is essential for funding CalTrans projects like bridge and road improvements.

“I think it’s a bunch of nonsense,” Lerma said. “But I do think that they need to cut the gas prices down.”

“I don’t like gas taxes but on the other hand, you’re used to it, you’re used to having things increase,” Marple said.

Marple is looking forward to celebrating her 90th birthday in November by casting her vote.

“November, I think I’m going to make it,” she said.

Supporters of the gas tax argue the measure is nonpartisan and that it is necessary for the state to keep up with road and infrastructure demands. November 6th is when you can cast your vote.