Voting Rights Workshop for Latinos in Desert Hot Springs

Voting Rights Workshop for Latinos in Desert Hot Springs

Claudia Buccio

Ana Amelia Luque put a sticker on a board solidifying her commitment to vote on November 6, 2018. Community organizers and students give her a warm round of applause and congratulated her for becoming a newly registered voter in Desert Hot Springs.

“I feel more confident and more informed because I know that I have to vote,” Luque said.

Luque is a student participating FIELD, a program founded by farm rights activist Cesar Chavez to help low income families complete their high school diploma. Along with the committee for human rights in the city of Desert Hot Springs, community organizers held a voting rights workshop to educate potential Latino voters.

Nina Duarte is co-director of the committee for human rights in the city of Desert Hot Springs.

“We can actually win an election in Coachella Valley, in Desert Hot Springs if all of the Latinos were to register and after they register, vote on November 6th,” Duarte said.

Attendees learned how to register to vote, read voter information pamphlets, and they even got a quick crash course on politics and U.S. history.  Angelica Flores is another voter who put a sticker on the board showing her commitment to the upcoming elections.

“It’s a good thing because many women and residents of Desert Hot Springs are like, ‘oh my vote doesn’t count,’” Flores said. “They should go out and vote, and make sure they’re heard.”

On that same board, students had a chance to write down some of the issues they want fixed in their community. Some advocated for less violence and more jobs.

“I would like to see more educational programs for kids and adults,” Luque added.

Duarte said they will be taking that board to a city council meeting to show that, “residents in Desert Hot Springs, especially women, do go out and vote.”

Organizers encouraged these women to spread the word to engage more people to hit the polls on November 6, 2018. They also reminded the community that the last day to register to vote in California is October 22, 2018.