Comfortable In His Skin on ‘National Coming-Out Day’

Comfortable In His Skin on ‘National Coming-Out Day’

Max Rodriguez

It is the 30th year people around the country celebrate National Coming-Out Day, a time when members of the community open-up about their sexuality and a man from Coachella is living proud and leaving a mark in the valley.

Fabian is a Coachella Valley native, and he keeps his day-job separate from his passion, a passion to make other people comfortable in their own skin.

Fabian’s closet has more than t-shirts and shorts, it has heels, a voluptuous dress and a sparkly one.

But those dresses are not for his regular everyday wear, it is Fabeyonce McMichaels wardrobe.

It takes about an hour and a half for Fabian to become Fabeyonce, he said, “Contouring, eye-shadowing, lipsticking and all that and it took me an additional 15 minutes to get the body on.”

He is the drag-daughter of celebrity drag queen Morgan McMichaels. He said they met at different events in Palm Springs and they became very close. Fabeyonce’s story is unique as there are not many drag queens who are from East Coachella Valley.

He said, “I’m the only queen here in Coachella so that can be hard sometimes because in Palm Springs you have tons of queens and being one and the only here it’s… I’m proud.”

The Coachella community is proud of Fabeyonce, he was the queen headliner at the East Valley Pride Parade earlier this year.

For Fabian it was not always easy, in fact he came out more than once. First as gay when he was a child and later in life as Fabeyonce.

“Of course people were shocked at first,” Fabian said. “But when they saw how much passion I had for it and how much growth I did in the amount of time that I did and as long as they appreciate and love what I do, I love what I do and appreciate them.”

When Fabian is not performing at events, he works as a store clerk and spends time with the community. On National Coming-Out Day Fabian will share his story with local youth through a Riverside County program.

A story of love for one-self. 

He said, “It’s OK to be who you are, and don’t ever be ashamed of who you are, don’t ever let anybody put you down and if you can’t find anybody to turn to you can always turn to me.”