Hurricane Michael Tears Apart Two Sisters

Hurricane Michael Tears Apart Two Sisters



Witnesses say it looks like an atomic bomb went off in the Florida panhandle, in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. The town of Mexico beach was the target of the storm’s eye. Packing winds of up to 155 miles per hour. Homes were completely destroyed. The death tolls, now at 6, continues to climb.

NBC Palm Springs talked to an evacuee who was on his way home, but lost all communication with him, due to the downed lines. Next, we talked to a woman who was on the phone with her sister as the storm struck. The line went dead, and as of now, she does not know what has happened to her sister.

In the areas that were hit by the storm, roofs were stripped from homes, and neighborhoods were completely wiped off the map. Not only did Hurricane Michael cut a path of destruction, and separated two sisters along the way.

“I’m worried…I’m worried…I don’t know where she’s at.”

Romona Hobbs and her sister are feeling the effects of the most powerful storm to ever hit the Florida panhandle.

“Right when the storm was hitting she called me and she said she just about died. That her whole roof of her trailer park came off, and that’s when we got cut off…and I don’t know what happened to her after that.”

A call that she plays back time and time again.

“The phone lines are down out there. Her phone goes straight to voicemail…I haven’t talked to my sister in 18 hours now.”

Hours that feel like an eternity.

“Yeah I’m very frustrated because I don’t know if she’s safe. It’s unbelievable…it’s catastrophic.”

For now, Romona waits and prays, like thousands of others cut off by a killer storm, for a good call to come through.

“I just want to tell her that I love her and to come to Tampa…I have a place where she can stay.”

Tropical storm Michael has sped off toward the Atlantic Ocean, but there will be nothing quick about Florida’s recovery from the hurricane, where rows upon rows of homes, as you just saw have been smashed to pieces.