Latino Film Festival Comes to Coachella with Over 150 Films to Show

Latino Film Festival Comes to Coachella with Over 150 Films to Show

Max Rodriguez

The new Coachella Library transforms into the only movie theater in the city, well at least for a weekend.

For the first time, the City of Coachella is hosting the Official Latino Film and Arts Festival, the event will bring movies from across the country to highlight the works of Latino filmmakers, producers and writers.

The director of the film festival, Danny Hastings, is one of the first people to bring large-scale event into the new library. He said he wanted to bring the festival to the desert to show Latinos in primary roles instead of the typical role as an extra.

Hastings said, “It focuses on American Latino and Latinas that are writing, producing, and directing their content here in the United States.”

A big budget or extensive experience in the movie-making business is not required to show in the festival. A group of high school students from the bay area are presenting their film, their film “Dreamers”, began as a project for one of their classes.

Angel Mendoza is one of the producers of the film, he explained the idea, “It’s about the undocumented people both youth and adults and the struggle struggles that they go through in life.”

Their short documentary film goes beyond the news headline to show what “DACA” means for some in this country.

Daniel Valedrrama was also part of the group who produced the film, he said, “We wanted to let people know we are not all rapist, us Latinos we are not bad people, we are hard working people, we are nurses, we are students.”

Over 150 short films will play through the weekend, and through this partnership, filmmakers and a city hope to establish a new kind of attraction.

Hastings said, “For the city of Coachella to extend that support and say, we want to see what other Latinos not just here in LA but what else, what other films are being produced.”

The Official Latino Film and Arts Festival will continue through October 14, learn more about the festival here.