Local Figure Skater Returns To Regionals For Second Consecutive Year

Local Figure Skater Returns To Regionals For Second Consecutive Year

Amy Zimmer Connect

A year ago, Bermuda Dunes figure skater August Perthus was only 10-years-old and placed 2nd at his first Regional competition.

Now 11-years-old, August Perthus is headed back to Regionals, this time in a higher category.

“Now we’ve actually jumped a step from preliminary, to pre-juvenile, into the juvenile,” Desert Ice Castle figure skating coach J. Scott Driscoll explained.

If August places, he will advance to sectionals, then comes Nationals. This is the last year juvenile skaters can compete at Nationals due to rule changes.

“This is an opportunity juvenile kids have once more in their life then it’s done,” Driscoll said.

August’s training schedule is not light.

“It’s so much. It’s almost a full time job for a little kid,” Driscoll said.

August trains six days a week with not only Coach Driscoll. He has a spin, jump, and presentation coach as well as take ballet classes however August lives for it.

“I love skating because when you do a jump it’s a good accomplishment and you feel great when you do it,” August said.

Coach Driscoll added, “He’s made a huge commitment. He definitely loves what he’s doing and I think he’s found a place where he can express himself in all kinds of ways.”

With less than four years of experience, August is putting the desert on the map in figure skating.

“I hope to inspire other kids by making the sport look easy so they can try it too,” August said.