Ruiz Supporters Gather At Democratic Headquarters For Congressional Debate

Ruiz Supporters Gather At Democratic Headquarters For Congressional Debate

Vincenzo Marino

Supporters Of Congressman Raul Ruiz were happy with his performance Tuesday during the congressional debate on NBC Palm Springs.    

At the Democratic Headquarters of the Desert in Cathedral City the Ruiz swag was on the table, drinks were flowing and snacks consumed as Congressman Raul Ruiz and challenger Kimberlin Brown Pelzer went head to head.

“As a doctor I’m trained to put people first, to base my decisions on evidence and facts and to work as a team to get things done. And that’s precisely what I’ve done in Congress,” Ruiz said during the debate.

“Probably because of his years of experience and knowledge and what he’s been able to do, I think doctor Ruiz just carried the day,” said Ruiz supporter Dennis Sheerhan.

“He is a strong advocate for our valley and I really think he is a very sincere, good legislator,” said Ruiz supporter Laverne Sheerhan.

“I think what he’s done for the district is phenomenal, especially for the veterans,” Ruiz supporter Susan Kross said.

No love lost for challenger Kimberlin Brown Pelzer at the democratic headquarters. Viewers took issue with several of Pelzer’s tactics. Especially her assertion that Ruiz is a lap dog for Nancy Pelosi.

“But some things lap dogs don’t do well, like representing us in Congress,” Pelzer said in her television ad.

“That lap dog, anti-solution politician,” Pelzer said again during the debate.

“I’m not happy that she came right out of the gate negative, negative, negative about him,” said Ruiz supporter Susan Kross.

“He didn’t criticize her once. She just attacked him the whole time,” said Ruiz supporter Marion Forrest.

“I feel strongly she would be a lap dog for Trump and McConnell,” said Ruiz supporter Laverne Sheerhan.