Light Up The Dark With Shots In The Night Golf Experience

Light Up The Dark With Shots In The Night Golf Experience

A new after dark golf experience is coming to the Coachella Valley.

Indian Wells Golf Resort has created a golf experience unlike any other called “Shots in the Night”.

Golf you can’t play until after sunset.

“Lasers, TV’s, music, people having fun, food and beverage from our truck, a glow range as well,” Indian Wells Golf Resort General Manager Steven Rosen said.

The Glow Golf Range features 12 hitting stalls including seating and table service.

The Putting Experience powered by NextLinks features 7 greens and can be rented by up to 6 guests.

“There are six different games you can play. You have everything from golf darts to shuffle board to golf beer pong,” Rosen explained.

Like a bowling alley, a kiosk is used to fill in the names in the group. Select a game and the lasers automatically start.

Shots in the Night was created simply by ideas.

“This was a collaboration of our whole team at the Indian Wells Golf Resort and NextLinks,” Rosen explained. “The idea was to have people come out and not have people intimidated by golf. Have it be golf centric, fun, and at a point of time when golf typically stops.”

All ages and skill levels are welcomed.

“From families to golfers, it really appeals to both. You don’t have to be good. You just have to be able to have fun.” Rosen said.

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