Parents Claim Alleged Serial Rapist Chaperoned Kids

Parents Claim Alleged Serial Rapist Chaperoned Kids


Several concerned parents have called and written into our newsroom about an alleged serial rapist being a school chaperon for band trips at Palm Desert Charter Middle School.

NBC Palm Springs takes these accusations very seriously; on one hand there is a man who is an alleged serial rapist. On the other, there are dozens of middle schoolers who were potentially exposed to a man who the district is saying was not an official volunteer.

However, parents are saying he was much more than that.

At first glance, when you see the Palm Desert Charter Middle School band and their color guard, everything looks seemingly normal. The students are competing, and onlookers are enjoying their performance.

Among people in the crowd lies 46-year-old Daniel Delgadillo, an alleged serial rapist. Authorities say he was found to be a suspect in four rape cases here in the Coachella Valley.

In fact, he allegedly raped one woman then drove her up a mountainside where she leaped out of the moving car because she believed he was “taking her up the mountain to kill her.”

DNA results have linked Delgadillo to the crime. Now, parents are asking why and how he was able to chaperone their kids–claiming, oftentimes, Delgadillo was the sole chaperone, and that the band director wasn’t even present.

NBC Palm Springs reached out to the Deserts Sands Unified School District and they issued a statement saying in part:

“Daniel Delgadillo was not an official volunteer at this school. Attendance at events was as a parent. At the time referred to there was no police investigation.”

However, parents called into our newsroom saying this is simply not true. They sent in pictures of Delgadillo during band tournaments, and assure NBC Palm Springs that he was definitely a chaperone.

Daniel Delgadillo has been charged with 8 counts, and faces life in prison if convicted.