Shelter: People breaking in to use dogs for dogfighting

Shelter: People breaking in to use dogs for dogfighting

News Staff

Warning: Images in this article may be upsetting

An eastern Arkansas animal shelter says people have broken in to use dogs there for dogfighting for the second time in two weeks, leaving five animals injured.

In a Facebook post, the Humane Society of the Delta said a worker discovered the injured dogs Sunday morning at the shelter in Helena-West Helena, about 100 miles east of Little Rock.

“To say we are disgusted is an understatement. Our shelter was targeted again last night,” the post begins.

The shelter previously had said its kennels had been broken into earlier this month for dogfighting. Four dogs had been injured, one seriously. The shelter says it wasn’t clear whether those breaking in were bringing their own dogs and using the shelter dogs for practice or were just having the shelter dogs fight each other. It said pit bulls in particular were targeted.

“They take a bunch of our dogs out of their kennels and throw them into another dog’s kennel. Those kennels have become their ‘homes’ for now so when you take 4-5 other dogs and throw them into another dog’s kennel with it food, water and bed there is going to be fighting,” the shelter wrote.

The shelter says it’s beefing up security and that some employees have been sleeping there at night. They also asked for donations.