Cathedral City Immortalizes Two Fighting Champions Through Mural

Cathedral City Immortalizes Two Fighting Champions Through Mural

Max Rodriguez

It was a high school reunion for MMA fighter, Cub Swanson and former boxer, Tim Bradley, as the community of Cathedral City immortalizes two of their very own with a wall size mural.

The mural of the two champions sits on the wall of One Eleven Conditioning Club and it will be seen by hundreds of drivers who pass through Palm Canyon Drive in Cathedral City.

Bradley said this mural is an honor he was not expecting.

He said, “I never thought in my mind that this was even possible that I would be honored this way.”

A handful of Cathedral City High School alumni joined the unveiling of the mural that shows two of their former classmates who went on to succeed in their fighting careers.

“It’s an honor to have this here and be back where it all started,” Swanson said. “I have fans all over the world, but when I come home those are my original fans, these are the people who have been with me my whole life and it means a lot to me.”

Swanson’s words were filled with emotion as he thanked the community for the mural.

But for the two athletes, the mural is a way to inspire the youth in the Coachella Valley and show with hard work it is possible to achieve their goals.

Bradley said, “All the kids at home, if we can do it, I know you all can do it.”

As for Swanson, he said he looked-up to Bradley and his passion for boxing while the two were in high school, and he does not take his current platform of a role-model lightly.

Swanson said, “For me to be able to do it, for Tim Bradley to be able to do it, I feel like this symbol, this piece of art will let kids know, it happens.”

Jose Arellano is a resident of Cathedral City and he attended the unveiling with his son. He said the mural represents his son’s potential.

 Arellano said, “Seeing my son here growing up, just makes me realize that they got something else in the future to be able to inspire to.”

But these two champions are not done winning yet.

Swanson will focus on his family with young toddlers before he returns to the fighting cage this year.

While the former boxing champion cannot stay away from the ring for too long, Bradley is now a boxing match commentator.

Bradley said, “It’s the same type of feeling I would get when I was getting ready for matches, but I am not getting punched.”