Best and Worst Halloween Candy

Before you give out treats this Halloween, it’s important to know a few rules.

I would not like fruit, I would like candy,” says 7-year-old Gerardo Perez from La Quinta. 

He and his sister Miranda, 11, are speaking out for all trick-or-treaters: don’t hand out fruit this Halloween.

It’s Halloween it’s candy time,” says Miranda.

But before you go out and load up on the treats, compiled the most comprehensive list of the worst Halloween candy. 

Among the worst: Good & Plenty, licorice and Smarties.

But some on the list like number three, candy corn, is proving to be nostalgic for some.

“I would take that because it’s like a traditional Halloween candy,” says Miranda, with Gerardo agreeing.

“I’m still old fashioned and I still like candy corn it’s kind of like the candy that comes out on Halloween,” says Stephen Plescia.

All were shocked to find out candy corn was ranked one of the worst. 

“It did? Really?,” says Miranda.

“Well then we’re a special group because we love it,” says Keith Muller. 

And circus peanuts being number one on the worst list is a mixed bag

“I love circus peanuts,” says Miranda.

“I don’t I hate circus peanuts,” says Gerardo. 

“No, no, no, I never buy those,” says Lily Morse. 

So what do you buy? The best on the list of course.

The top four: Kit Kat, Twix, Snickers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Phillip Griggs from Cathedral City says he loves Snickers, “Oh, the baby snickers,” and admits he buys them to hand out on Halloween just to sneak in a few himself.

Oh the baby snickers.

“I love Kit Kat bars, I would steal them out of anybody’s Halloween bag,” says Plescia.

And Morse says she’s a big fan of peanut butter cups and already has them in stock.

And Miranda, Gerardo,  advise if you want to be better than the best house on Halloween you must hand out the big chocolate bars.

But Plescia sums up what the sweets really do this time of year, “We’re all kids at heart, I think and we all love candies.”


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