Indio Mayor Announces New Developments in Northern side of the City

Indio Mayor Announces New Developments in Northern side of the City

Max Rodriguez

The City of Indio is included in the top ten list of the fastest growing cities in California by personal finance website Wallethub, and the mayor of Indio said it is a sign of a healthy city economy.

The Indio Mayor, Michael Wilson, said the 2008 recession is in the past and it is now time to redevelop his city.

“Unemployment is down, people are back to work,” Wilson said. “We have lots of housing being developed in Indio, we have over 4,000 homes approved and ready to go.”

This year alone, the Loma Linda University Children’s Health Hospital, a major project for the city, is already taking-in patients.

While, the expansion of the new Riverside County’s John J. Benoit Detention Center is well on its way, but the mayor said that was just the beginning. 

Residents of Indio can expect more development in the Northern portion of Indio.

The first tenant to move into The Palms shopping center north of Interstate-10 was Wal-Mart, but more business will soon join.

“Now you are seeing the filling around it, new Starbucks and T-Mobile,” Wilson said. “But the most exciting part of it is the Maya Cinemas, 12 screen complex coming in on the Northside that’s going to be state of the art.”

The movie theater will be accompanied by a new Hampton Inn Hotel by Hilton.

The mayor does not deny the music festivals were the catalyst to all of this new construction.

Wilson said, “It started all that buzz if you will and that eyes on Indio Internationally and I think that was the key to start what we are seeing today.”

The expansion of The Palms shopping area is expected to be completed at some point in 2020.