Mexican painter showcasing his work around the valley

Mexican painter showcasing his work around the valley

Claudia Buccio

Victor Robinson takes a close look at his paintings. Colorful jaguars, iguanas, chamans are only some of the figures plastered in his pieces. Robinson is a Mexican painter who draws inspiration from history and culture that dates back to the arrival of the Spaniards to Mexico. His pieces reflect elements embedded from Mexican indigenous imagery. 

“My paintings reflect love and especially respect towards small animals, insects and human beings,” he said. “Respect is key.”

Before finding his passion in art, Robinson was captured by the magic of music and theater. He started painting and drawing since he was 9-years-old. Robinson grew up in Oaxaca, a state located in southern Mexico, a place he encountered art for the very first time.

“In Oaxaca, people make crafts, embroideries, people work the land and play instruments,” Robinson said.

Robinson was selected as “artist of the year” for Run with los Muertos, a Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead event taking place in Coachella on November 3rd. There will be a festival and a 5k run. Robinson designed the poster and the t-shirts that will be used for the run. This is a way for the city to connect with the community’s heritage.

“I’m interested in helping Mexicans feel proud of their roots.,” Robinson said. “Many times people feel intimidated or they neglect their culture because they don’t know it; especially, when they are in a country that’s not theirs.”

Robinson’s painting will be on exhibited until next month at the Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert and Cabot’s Pueblo Museum in Desert Hot Springs.