Parkwil Haunted Manor Frightening Tradition

Parkwil Haunted Manor Frightening Tradition

Kitty Alvarado Connect

Parkwil Manor is known as the scariest place in the valley. 

I got a little preview and it lived up to its reputation. I was horrified. 

Sandra Wallace, haunt entrepreneur of the manor says this year they have two themes, “We have a slaughterhouse killing floor at the beginning and then we finish it off with a day glow 3-D glass effect, it’s a carnival theme, carnevil theme.”

It’s a Halloween time tradition in the valley, volunteers have been putting in on for a decade.

“This haunt was built from the love of unique people all coming together loving what we do and it still continues to grow,” says Sandra.

Expect horror and deadly surprises around every corner, but she says it’s still family-friendly, “For the younger set we give them a flashlight or a glow stick and they’re allowed to place it forward and say, ‘go away monster’ and that will back off the monster from that child.”

Admission is $13, and runs Friday through Sunday through Halloween and opens at 7 p.m. for more dates click here: Parkwil Manor