Shooting Threat At Three Local High Schools

Shooting Threat At Three Local High Schools


There was a scare across the valley today after a mass text was send out stating someone was threatening to shoot up several high schools. However, there were not any lockdowns. The text stated that La Quinta High School, Palm Desert High School, and Coachella Valley High School were potential targets for a shooting. NBC Palm Springs spoke to a concerned concerned mom who says her world nearly came crumbling down when her daughter forwarded her the message.

“I don’t even want to think about it…it’s so unbearable.”

While there weren’t active shooters on campuses in the Coachella Valley today, the text caused an great deal of concern for parents and students alike.

“So many young people have died and to have anyone, even if it was’t my daughter would be so heartbreaking,” added Patricia.

She says that when her daughter forwarded her the message, her first instinct was to call the school.

“The first person to answer the phone says…don’t worry, it’s fake.”

However, she was shocked by the administration’s response.

“I said, well how do you know it’s fake… ‘Well, I don’t know….that’s the first i don’t know I got.’ She did also mention we don’t have the school currently on lockdown because we don’t think it’s a threat.”

However, Fred Gonzalez, the Safety and Security Director for the Coachella Valley School District, says there’s a reason for that.

“In this particular incident we determined that it came via Instagram and the message originated out of texas and it was ruled by law enforcement as a non credible threat.”

Meanwhile, parents are still upset over the uncertainty of it all.

“With everything going on in the world with my child, or anybody’s child, I can’t take I don’t know as an answer,” Patricia told NBC Palm Springs

Nevertheless, Fred Gonzalez says student safety always comes first.

“We are always going to air on the side of safety. We do not want to jeopardize anyone’s safety; whether it be a parent, student or any of our staff.”

Once again, there were no lockdowns because law enforcement determined that the message was not a threat, adding that unfortunately these mass threads are seen more and more because of the overwhelming use of social media.