Get your Halloween fill at the “Nightmare on Melrose”

Get your Halloween fill at the “Nightmare on Melrose”

Daytona Everett

A spirited neighborhood in Cathedral City is the spot to be for trick-or-treaters in the mood for being totally spooked!

The spooky graveyard on 37894 Melrose Drive is sure to make a shiver run down your spine.

“It’s cold when you walk up,” Laura Newton, the creator, said.

A thrilling tradition that highlights her favorite time of the year.

“What other holiday do you have people that come up into your yard and knock on your door?”

Newton and her husband have been making haunted houses for Halloween since 1999.

If you come, all different senses are sure to be tickled and taunted, she said. She keeps her props packed up all year in a coffin until Halloween night. The eerie festivities don’t stop there!

Take a stroll down the street and you’ll find the Lost Soul Cemetery with a haunted maze to match.

All eyes on the first year for the hair-raising stroll. Pick your poison or if you’re brave, try both.

Both Halloween hosts won’t disappoint!