Registrar Official Answers Last Minute Voting Questions

Registrar Official Answers Last Minute Voting Questions

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The Riverside County Registrar of Voters Office has been busy.

Assistant Registrar Art Tinoco, says this election doesn’t seem like a midterm, “It’s comparable to the last presidential election, we’re a little bit over one million registered voters in Riverside County.”

He says their office has been flooded with last minute questions.

So let’s tackle them:

What do you do if you registered to vote by mail but have not received your ballot?

Art says you have two options: go to the county registrar’s office or go to your polling place, “So that you do receive the ballot type that you’re entitled to and at that location you can also request a ballot.”

What if you still have your mail in ballot?

No problem says Art, you can drop it off at their office or any polling place in California, “If you drop it off in Riverside County of course that’s preferred so that we can quickly process it.”

What if you damaged your mail in ballot?

Art says, all you have to do is bring it to the registrar’s office or your polling place, “Just make sure you take your ballot with your envelope and they’ll replace it for you but make sure you go to your polling place you’re assigned to.”

What if you’re registered but your name is not on the list at your polling place?

“The law indicates that we are required any voter a provisional ballot it simply is a temporary ballot,” says Art adding the county will then research the vote and if that voter is eligible they will count their vote.

And in case you did not know, it’s illegal for a poll worker to ask you for I.D. to vote in California, with one exception, “Only if it’s your first time voting in a federal election and you have not provided us with an I.D..”

But if you run into this or any other problem at your polling place, he says you must report it to the registrar’s office immediately and advises you provide as much detail as you can when you make your complaint so they can research it and fix the problem as soon as possible. 

And if you missed the deadline to register, believe it or not you can still vote.

“There’s a new law it’s conditional voter registration, we only offer that here at this office in Riverside,” he says. 

So if you really want to vote and are eligible, there’s really no excuse.

“I’m very glad to do it, we can’t complain if we don’t vote,” says Denise from Highland Springs. 

Click here to see if you’re registered to vote: Riverside County Registrar of Voters

Click here to find your polling place: Polling Place Locator

Click here for more info: FAQ

Address to visit the office or call:

Registrar of Voters
2724 Gateway Drive
Riverside, CA 92507

(951) 486-7200

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